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Training Tips

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All puppies are raised utilizing ENS and Puppy Culture!

I am very excited to be implementing Puppy culture and ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) in my breeding program!  I am always striving to improve and send home the healthiest, most well-adjusted and trainable puppies.

Teach the command “watch me”

1st – find a smelly treat your puppy loves – hold it by your face and give a one word command – look , watch etc – when you have your puppy’s attention give him the treat.  Make the time longer before you give the treat as he gets better at it.  It won’t take more than a day or 2.  Improve on this command over his lifetime it will be a valuable tool.

Teach “leave it”

When your puppy has something of yours tell him “leave” firmly and give him something of his own.  This will later work for nasty things on the ground or your dinner.  Work to get better by putting a tasty treat on the floor and saying “leave” until you give the OK command.  He will grow to love the game.

Teach “touch”

I teach my dogs to “touch” it just means get close enough for me to pet your head.  When he comes over for a pet just give the command “touch” and a little pet.  Then try the command out in the yard and see if he’ll come over for a pet.  It does not have to last long.  This will give you a great command for your dog if he wanders a little too far.  He will love the game.

Teach “Sit”

 Have a treat between your thumb and middle finger with your index finger pointing up – give the command “watch”  when you have his attention say “sit” move the treat towards his tail get his nose to follow the treat as you move the treat his bottom should naturally drop.  You will also find your dog will know the hand signal for sit which is your index finger pointed up.  After he knows only ask once then position him.

Teach “come”

When teaching your puppy to come I have had great success having 2 people with treats calling the puppy back and forth for a treat – make sure you say his name and have his attention then say “Come” – as he gets better move farther apart.   Then move on to a long line so if he does not come you can real him in, make sure when he gets there you tell him he is wonderful.  Dogs don’t come back if they think they are in “trouble”.


The five commands above will take you a long way toward having a good relationship and keep your pet safe.  Please ask when you pick up your puppy; I can demonstrate for you and show you the down command.


  • Do not give more than one word for a command: lay down or sit down is confusing keep it to one word of your choice for example “down”
  • Do not ask your dog to do something if you do not have his attention.  Set them up to succeed.
  • After your dog understands a command only ask once.  Nagging will only frustrate you and your pet.
  • If your dog does not complete the command you give, gently position them and say for example “good sit”.  Do not push on their hips as this can damage their joints.  Slip your hand behind their rear legs and fold him into a sit.  Say “good sit” and let him know you think he is wonderful.
  • Do not chase your puppy – dogs love the game chase!  Let your puppy chase you or you will have a hard time training him to consistently come to you.