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Available Bernedoodle Puppies

Lizzie & Red’s puppies arrived August 23rd!

Multigen Bernedoodles
Expected size 20-22″ 30-45lb
Breeding homes considered.
Puppies are health tested clear.
Some straight coat (- – curl) & FF.

Elaine, Susan, and Puddy are still available!

Elaine is one of the smallest pups in the litter.  She is quite independent and very confident.  She is my little adventurer.  Elaine has a silky wavy coat and definitely has cuteness factor ++

Susan is a sweet funny tail wagging girl.  She is very social and her tail never stops wagging.  She should take to training easily as she is very engaging and focused on her peeps.  She has a wavy to curly coat.

Puddy is an old soul.  He is one of the sweetest puppies I have had the pleasure to raise.   He always seeks me out and sits quietly to be picked up and held.  This little straight coated redhead wants to be a lap dog.  He is confident, but not boisterous and will be a really loving boy who wants to be a Velcro pup.

Accepting applications!  If you’re interested, definitely fill out the application.  Please click here to fill out and send the application!