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 Now retired from breeding, Reiki was my 1st poodle.   I never really saw myself as a poodle person, but here I am loving it and this girl is who hooked me.  She is a fun-loving dog who greets everyone as if they are a long lost buddy she hasn’t seen in years.  Reiki was so easy to train: she literally learned to lay down, crawl, and sit in one session at 10 weeks old.  It took her about 90 seconds to learn each command.  While everyone knows poodles are smart dogs (actually ranked 2nd after the Border Collie), it’s their willing attitude and loyalty that make training a breeze.  Reiki is everything a poodle should be and more.

Kare’s Reiki Banana aka Reiki (RETIRED)
AKC Brown Phantom Standard Poodle
22.5″ 45 lbs
OFA Hips and Elbows Good/Normal
DNA Clear